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Shreevallabh Group is a diverse business entity that has evolved and grown rapidly over the years and has a good presence across real estate development. Shreevallabh Group, a Mr. Kotak initiative, was established with a view to build on the solid trust, immense goodwill and sterling reputation built by the Kotak family.

Shreevallabh Group - founded by Mr. Ketan Bhulabhai Kotak & Mr. Jagdish Gopaldas Kotak. Mr. JagdishVasani, Mr. Bhagwanji Patel and Mr. Drumeel Kotak are taking the group further under our founder's guidance. The group is into building construction and trading. The group is working hard to expand in the fields of realty and infrastructure development. The group aims at becoming an international entity and has a vision of venturing into the foreign soil in the near future.

Introduction of Shreevallabh Group

" Strong expertise in real estate development.

" Three decades of experience in real estate development.

" Successfully completed several landmarks and icons.

" Long-term approach in partnering corporates in their real estate needs.

" In depth understanding of people’s needs resulting in successful execution with a short turnaround time.

" Team consists of veterans with in-depth industry knowledge and experience in the real estate development business.

Our Forte

  • Value
    Our Customers

  • 25 Years +
    of Expertise

  • 3,50,000 Sq. Ft
    of foot prints

  • Overwhelming
    Customer Support
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