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Sumaria Residency

SUMARIA RESIDENCY is created with one motto - delivering the finest quality of Construction through excellent process management and a team of professionals who possess the right mix of knowledge, ethics & attitude. SHREE VALLABH DEVELOPERS has a proven track record of delighting its customers. It has instilled all its experience in construction, design trends & customer preferences to bring to the masses their projects.

The Specification
Flooring: 2’ x 2’ Vitrified flooring in all rooms
Kitchen: Marble Kitchen Platform with branded S.S. Sink Wall tiles upto beam bottom level
Doors & Windows :Laminated flush doors Powder coated sliding windows
Toilets: Branded Sanitary Ware Concealed plumbing with branded C.P. fitting Geyser connection in all bathrooms Tiles dado upto beam bottom
Walls & Paints: Gypsum or Putty finished internal walls Premium quality paints on external walls
Electrification: Branded concealed copper wiring Branded Electrical fitting Telephone & TV point

Location Features
Peaceful & Quite Environment, Situated very near to Kalher Market, Best availability of transportation facilities, Main City of Thane in just 20 minutes reach, School and Hospital nearby.

Project Features
3 Storeys residential building, Exclusive 1 RK, 1 & 2 BHK flats, Designer entrance lobby and reputed make lift.

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